Wednesday, July 17, 2024 "Boldly bringing .com to your bodily functions."

"Oh my goodness,
that is so...,

...but we know you appreciate the tremendous feeling of relief that comes from using the toilet (or where ever you went). Not many things in life, are free, feel good, improve your health, cleanse your system, make you lose weight, and are morally, legally and universally acceptable. We know you secretly peed or pooped today, and some part of you deep down inside is wondering if everyone else did too. Find out all you don't want to admit you would like to know, right here in complete anonymity. Everyone is unique and everyone is welcome. Give in to that urge that makes you want look in the pot when you're done. Ask the questions you have always wondered about. Go ahead,
it's 100 percent natural.


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"Yes! I want to see
     __________ on the toilet."

   Appease your inner emptiness.
   Worry about famous people.
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   see sitting on the pot.]
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