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Hi i've been readin this page 4 awhile so i just decided to post a puke story of my own.Im one of those people who puke alot. For those of u who care i am about 5'5'', have red/blond hair and green eyes. Ok so heres the story: When i was about 13 my mom used to work from 4:00-11:00pm so i would be by myself after school, and i'd get myself dinner and stuff. So one night i decided to have some rice and chicken for dinner with a few spices. So i had that and about a couple hours later i started to fell kinda nauseous and dizzy so i was just relaxin on the couch. After awhile the food in my stomach started makin itz way up, so I started running to the bathroom swallowing down the hot, sour vomit and that was makin things worse. Luckily i made it to the toilet in time. I was bringing up this grayish stuff with thick chunks. I was in the bathroom bringin up this horrid sour stuff which was burning my throat cuz of the spices. Finally i was empty. And not thinking i flushed the ! toilet. Bad Idea! The toilet was 2 full and it was clogged. So i got some rubber gloves, a spoon and a plastic bag and had to scoop my own vomit from the toilet!
I have a lot of puke stories and if ya like them i'll post more lata, buhbye

Nameless Guy
Guess I'm another emetophobic... only puked once in the last 30 years and that will be 23 years ago next month. Felt nauseous many times ... illness/sea sickness but never came to anything, even when surrounded by others throwing up.

This site is really quite an eye-opener!!

Does anyone know any movies with really good puke scenes?

Scarlet: I know some more celebrity puke stories, if you want me to post them, but i got to run now.


I have pretty bad morning sickness, I get it nearly every day. I should make this short because its getting late. Two days ago, I woke up at the normal time (nine o'clock) and got cleaned up and dressed. I was feeling queasy the entire time but it wasn't bad enough to throw up. Even though my nausea wasnt very bad yet, after I finished getting dressed, I walked to the bathroom and knelt in front of the toilet, holding my long brown hair back with one hand and holding onto the toilet with the other (my husband was at work already). My nausea got progressively worse as the tiny baby in my stomach made the acids and previously-eaten food swirl up my throat. I just spit into the toilet bowl a few times. Then I gagged about four times, because everything was on its way up. Then my throat watered profusely and opened up to let out the load of vomit. I retched and a bit of thin brown vomit splashed into the toilet. I gasped wetly when another load of vomit poured into the toilet, t! his time with small chunks. Then there was another small heave and I was finished. I threw up four more times that day, but thats the worst I've had so far. I will post more as they happen.

Love ya

Thursday, October 03, 2002

i have been reading all your pukeing storys
well I have two good ones
nummber one
I was babysiting for my moms friend
and my friend alice had been saying how she felt sick
well she went to get a bowl an took it to her room a few mins later her foster sister brianna came an told me alice wented me to threw someing a way so I went in there and took it from her and brianna and I ask why she had soup in the room and that ruth there mom would be mad Alice sied no she wont its puke please threw it out for me brianna was like gross and I was like gross you threw it out its your puke.
nummber two
well I went on a boat with my class I was a jr in high school I was haveing so much fun we ate lunch my friends I where talking an haveing a great time when the boat stared to rock that when i felt sick so I told this girl lisa to move she didnot that was when I let it all out all over the foor myself and her well I was pukeing somefriends where to an one teacher mr parker. well we got on the bus to come back a few of us where still pukeing I was pukeing an cold so my good friend alina gave me her coat well mr parker an i stayed a way from school for about three days the end
how do u like it I have many more story if u liked these to
bye have a grrreat ddddday

I would have to agree with Scooby Doo. It would be great if you would post as many of your morning sickness stories as possible Karalyn Thank you

The last time I got really sick was on December 27th, 2002. My best friend and I had gone to NYC to hang out with some friends and we had a blast. We had been eating all day. Anyway, that night I was lying in my bed and my stomach felt really full. I couldn't figure it out. I was hot and shaky as well. I kept moaning and rubbing my stomach, hoping that it would go away. My best friend heard me and asked me if I was okay (We shared a room at this time). I told her no and I went to the bathroom because I felt like I was going to be sick.
I get into the bathroom and the first thing that happened was I got his with a sudden jolt of diarreah. I was sitting on the toilet, relieving my bowels and moaning at the same time. I finished and I still didn't feel any better. Nothing happened, so I went back to bed.
Less that an hour later, I felt so nauseous and I began to gag. I got up and ran to the bathroom, but nothing happened. All I did was gag and retch into the toilet. I was feeling really bad so I stayed in there for a while. Finally I felt my stomach gurgle and a small burp formed in my throat. I placed my head over the toilet and without warning, a huge gush of brownish red vomit came pouring out of my mouth. I couldn't even stop to breathe. I just kept throwing up. Finally I stopped and I flushed the toilet. I was about to leave the bathroom when I clamped my hand over my mouth and went back to the toilet to puke again. I was in there for over an hour before I finally stopped puking.
I spent the rest of the night going back and forth to the bathroom. Each time I would get the same color of vomit until finall I couldn't puke up anything but this thick yellowish vomit that could only come out in mouthfuls. My stomach hurt so bad from throwing up so much. I couldn't even drink water. It was horrible.
I tried drinking ginger ale and that only made things worse. It worked for a little while and when I was watching TV, the nausea came back and I ran to the bathroom, puking up all the ginger ale. Ugh! I was sick for the rest of the day and didn't regain my appetite back until a week later. It was crazy! I hope to never get sick like that again! Mind you, my best friend didn't help out once. I was upset!


Yes, I've read the whole website. And I found the vomit free streaks page quite amazing. I really hope that you never vomit again, and I mean that wholeheartedly coz I know what it's like to fear it so much.

But having said that, I'd like to say that emetophobia is curable and I'm glad that I'm cured of it - I'm now a major thrower upper who is lucky to manage a month without paying an extended visit to the porcelain godess, and despite that I'm much happier than I was when I was an emet and didn't barf at all.

Hey!!! I may have some stories soon...ive just found out im pregnant! i havnt thrown up yet...but the morning sickness is just starting so im sure i will!

Thursday, September 26, 2002

Scooby Doo
Karalyn, Would you please post as many of your morning sickness stories as possible? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

THe other day i was in class when i got the WORST pain in my stomach. I figured it was just bad period cramps so i asked my teacher to go to the washroom. Once there I took out my asprin and took two and I figured it would be fine. However when i returned to class the p[ains grew larger and larger. I wanted to ask my teacher to go to the washroom but i was afraid he would get mad because I had already gone before in this period. SUddenly an EXTRA sharp cramp came and i screamed. I let out a gallon of liquid diareeah into my underwear. Once I began to relieve myself of the pain my bowel didn';t want to stop. I started to cry and i ran to the washroom. once i was finally sitting on the toilit i was almost done relieveing my bowels. I stood up and an enormous wave of nausia came over me. I didn't know what to do becuze i couldnt leave the washroom and expose me diareah stained pants to the school. As the minutes passed by the nausea as getting worse and worse. I th ought if i would sit on the toilet in would make me feel better, but instead as i was seating myself me stomach gave and i threw up all over my clothing and the washroom floor. THe next thing I knew, Iwoke up in tihe nurses office. The problem is that this was on friday and i am still just as sick. I have no controll over my bowel movements and i am unbelieveabky nausious. Oh well I hope i'll be better soon

Do you guys ever burp a lot before you puke? Stories please.

I am 24 years old, and I was emetophobic until last year. I threw up when I was thirteen and I hated the experience. So I was terrified of vomiting ever again. I got pregnant last year, and the doctor told me I would feel sick almost every morning and I usually would throw up. I was horrified. I didn't know what to do. I woke up three weeks into the pregnancy with my stomach churning and vomit pressing up my throat. I tried everything I could, but eventually I just let it out. Threw up everything into the toilet and I felt better. So I had a rocky pregnancy and threw up at least 10 times a week for the first four months.


When I'm nauseated, what I fear is that my muscles will contract involuntarily and expel my stomach contents through my mouth. That's the only thing I fear. I can't make it any plainer than that.

On that same website that tells the storys of how people were cured of emet by making themselves barf (or more to the point by LETTING themselves barf) there's a page where dozens of people have noted how long they've gone without vomiting ... their vomit streaks! One of them goes back to the 1930s! Check it out, there are many, many people who have publicized the date they last vomited and for many of them it was when they were kids! That;s my plan, to have the ones when I was a kid be the last ones!

Monday, September 23, 2002


When you get nauseated, what are you scared of? Not that you're naueseous, but that this might be the time that you can't hold it in. Are you really confident that you're not going to barf ever or do you always have it at the back of your mind that you might barf one day? I know that's what I found terrifying. That's what I meant when I said that 'all emets know they'll have to face it one day'. Maybe I should've said 'I know that...' coz I always knew that I was going to barf again and my vomit-free streak was always going to have a limited about of time. Sorry to confuse, it's just that that's what I felt and that's what I thought a lot of other emets felt.

As for no way to cure it other than barfing, well again maybe I assumed too much. I just know that barfing cured me and the other day I came across an emet's website where people could write in with their stories and all of the ones I read of people that were cured had barfed in order to get this cure. There was even one who agreed to take an emetic to try and get over her fear. So I just thought (again, sorry if I was wrong) that barfing was the standard way of getting over emetophobia. If there is another way, I wish someone would've told me about it coz when I was 11 and 12 because then my life was hell because of emetophobia.

hey guys , ive been reading all the posts for ages now but never really had anything to write myself. But i have to say that i do like watching and listening to people throwing up and love all the stories you guys post! I dont throw up hardly..its not that i am emetophobic its just that it takes a lot to make me spew!Most of the time..i prefere to listen or watch girls puking..but i dont know why that is because im straight...anyone got any ideas? anyway when i get some stories i will post them.
bye 4 now xxx America

hey guys...i never seem to ahve any stories ..but i mihgt have some soon cos i feel real sick at the moment and just know im gunna hurl!!!

Heather: When I let up I retch noiseally 2 or 3 times before something actually comes up. It ususally sounds like "Uhhhhlaaaat!" Rarely have I let up without making any noise. On the other hand, my husband rarely lets up, but on those few times which he has, he has been relatively quiet, only making sa grunt or a groan which is softer than the sound of the vomit splashing in the water. Before I was married I had roomate who made a "Iiihhhhhhhtttt!" noise when she let up

Reading about these people who haven't barfed in all those years reminded me of a story of mine. I was at work one evening not feeling too well. The guy who sat next to me, Ted, had just come back from Dairy Queen with a girl on the staff he was trying to date. They had just run there during break. "You should have told me and I would have had you get me something," I said. Then I remembered how I was feeling and I said it's good that you didn't because I would have ordered something with ice cream and I might have to throw up later. I mentioned that throwing up milk is the worst because it just makes the vomit taste perfectly awful, even worse than ordinary vomit. I asked Ted if he'd ever thrown up milk. He said no, and he hadn't hurled at all in over 20 years. I was just plain flabbergasted. I told him he was very lucky.

Later that evening, I wasn't feeling any better. In fact, I was feeling much worse. Around 10:30, I was feeling downright dreadful, as if something terrible was about to happen to my stomach. I tried talking small talk with Ted trying to feel normal but I couldn't. In the middle of the conversation, I just got up and went to the bathroom. I didn't even excuse myself.

I wasn't in position before the toilet for 15 seconds before I retched fiercely and then unloaded the contents of my stomach with great force. I threw up four loads and then stopped to catch my breath. Then I threw up two more loads. My stomach muscles really hurt from all that heaving. I was so glad I hadn't had any milk that night. The worst part was I wasn't feeling any better. I went back to my desk and moaned to Ted "Aren't you supposed to feel better after you get sick? Well, I just got sick and I'm not feeling better?" Ted was visibly surprised. "You mean you threw up, just now?" he said. Yes, I said, just like I predicted earlier. He reminded me that he's not the expert on vomiting, not having done it for 22 years. I don't know why, but I had forgotten that. He added that he thought when someone was nauseated that they were going to vomit, and if I was still nauseated after throwing up, that I might have to throw up again. I was almost crying becaus! e I knew he was right.

I told the supervisor I was leaving work. I didn't even make it home before I had to do the disgusting thing again. I pulled over on the side of the freeway and puked into a beach bucket that just happened to be in the car. I dumped my puke out and made it home without incident. I didn't feel a lot better afterward, but I didn't vomit again that night. And I was so jealous of Ted. Sometimes when I vomit I wish it were him doing it.

I am a thirty something year old women who loves to fart in public. But when I was a young girl, about ten years old, I went to my friends house for lunch. We sat around her kitchen table and ate our lunch. We both had our sandwiches and deserts. After we ate, we played tag inside of the house. Her mother didn't mind it, because it was raining out. She tagged me and ran away laughing, and I felt my stomach churning and thought I was going to be sick. I kept on playing. As I was running after her I was farting loudly, and she said Ewwww! as she laughed at me. My stomach was bubbling, until my stomach acid bubbled up into my throat. It was almost like slow motion that I throw up all over her floor. She watched as I hurled up more of my lunch. She quickly rushed me into the bathroom, I dropped to my knees and hurled up more into the toilet, farting loud as I puked out my guts. Her mother asked was I alright. She wasn't too mad at me, she just went on and got out her cleaning st! uff and cleaned up my massive puke. My friend just stood and laughed at me while I was leaning over the toiletstool with my head down, resting just in case there were anymore puke waves.

Last week, I was talking to my friends Micah and Romeo, who play soccer on the college team. Anyway, both guys are really hot. If it matters, Micah is tall and thin, blonde, brown eyed, white gothic guy; and Romeo is average height and weight cute black guy. Anyway, Micah was saying how at practice the day before he had gotten sick on the field. Both were saying how they could rarely eat because of practice. I asked if the coach would ALLOW them to eat, and Micah said, "Yeah, but 9 times out of 10, it makes its way back out one way or another..." Micah is so sexy and I have such a huge crush on him...I just wished I could have been at practice to comfort him as he threw up.

JANIE--How could I forget Yeah-Yeah? He was pretty cool! lol Seems like he did have a pretty good puke scene...


Hey everyone! My name is Karalyn and I am 21. I am pregnant but the story to follow is not about morning sickness or anything.. if you want me to post those stories I will though.

Last year, I was on a cruise through Europe. My fiancee and I boarded the ship, swam a bit, and went for dinner at the buffet. While we were in the buffet line, the ship started its journey. The room was swaying a bit and I tripped a few times. By the time we'd sat down, I was feeling a bit seasick so I excused myself. The nearest washroom was across the deck behind the pool area, but I thought I should get some fresh air. It helped a bit, but then the ship swayed some more and I felt nauseous again. I had eaten a few bites of pasta and some fruit in the buffet, and now they wanted to come back up. About three minutes later, after sitting on a lounge chair to calm my stomach down (it obviously didn't work), I had to throw up. I was very nauseous and I ran to the side of the ship and proceeded to throw up into the water. The first heave was small, bringing up some clearish vomit with chunks of pasta in it. The second, however, was massive and a large spray of the putrid v! omit exploded off the side of the ship. I was heaving and retching for about 2 minutes, not too long, and then I was alright. I have more stories from that trip but i have to go now.. the baby is pushing my food up. Alright, I know I said I had to go, but I just threw up and figured I should write about it.. baby sickness kicked in so I made a dash for the washroom, kneeled in front of the toilet, and threw up. One pretty clean heave, thick with little chunks of tuna or something like that.


Friday, September 20, 2002

I've got it. I didn't think I would get it, but I was wrong. I guess I shouldn't have hung around in the ladie's room! Before I start, I will describe myself. I have a gymnast's body (sculped abs, arms, and legs) Long strawberry blonde hair, green eyes, 5'7", pretty big chest although I don't think I needed to put that in.. That day I was wearing hip hugger jeans with a silver dragon going up the side of the leg, and a red Roxy T-shirt with a hibiscus flower on the logo. I started feeling nauseated around 3rd period on Friday, but not to the point where I had to throw up. Anyways.. there was this assembly to announce Mr and Mrs Spirit Freshie during 4th and 5th periods. I had just finished lunch, which didn't do me any good. I sat down beside some guys I don't really know once we were in the auditorium. I started to get uncomfortably hot, and my stomach started to turn. I started to feel kind of sick, but not puking sick yet. But I could feel my sandwich and pop swirling aro und in the pit of stomach. About 15 minutes later, my partly digested food started the uncomfortable, disgusting climb up my throat. I started squirming around in my seat to calm my stomach down but nothing helped. To make matters worse the food was climbing up slowly, to make my nauseous journey even worse. After the 45 minute mark had passed, the acidic vomit was at the tip of my throat. It exploded into my mouth and I swallowed it back down. I was in the middle of the row, in the middle of the auditorium, and I kept swallowing down sour, chunky vomit. It was the worst experience ever. Or so I thought. Unfortunately, the freshmen running for Mr Freshie had to come into the audience and take a sophomore, a junior, or a senior onto the stage. So this freshman guy came and grabbed my hand. And started pulling me onstage, while the mouthfuls of vomit I was swallowing down were becoming progressively larger and more thick and chunky and disgusting. My nausea was unbearable. I w! as sweating and I was sure that my face was completely white. As soon as we got onstage, we had to do this jig. And then the kid was supposed to confess his undying love for me. So we started to jig, and then I stopped. The motherload was at the top of my throat and it was definitely more than I could swallow back down. I bent over, clutching my stomach, in front of the entire school (1000 students or so!), my long strawberry blonde hair hanging down. The huge collection of vomit erupted from my throat, through my mouth, and splashed forcefully onto the stage floor. I didn't have time to look at it before another gallon of the acidic puke splattered into the puddle. I gasped involuntarily, causing another huge heave. The puddle was growing very rapidly, and my hair was covered in the chunky white and tan vomit. There were bits of bread and ham in the vomit, and it was very thick. I thought I was done. One of the freshmen girls ran offstage and you could hear her heaving in t! he hallway and a loud splash. A teacher ran over to me with a bucket and I spewed again, this time it wasn't as thick. It was mostly stomach acid, because I had pretty much gotten most of the food out of my churning stomach already. It tasted horrible and it smelled even worse, like mildew and rotten eggs and vinegar. The smell hit me full blast and my stomach expelled even more bile and acid. I spit a few times, and then I collapsed onto the floor trying to catch my breath. One of the male freshmen named Tristan helped me up and he took me to the nurse on teacher's orders. I still felt really nauseous, but there was nothing left to throw up. This kid didn't seemed at all affected by my long, disgusting episode and he sat beside me in the nurse's office. I was cold and sweaty, and shaking. The nurse brought in a glass of water and I rinsed out my mouth. Then I wrapped myself up in a blanket and waited for my mom to come pick me up. And Tristan stayed with me the entire time!! I was thinking, what a nice kid! The nurse said this was the worst vomiting episode she'd ever seen at this school, even during flu season. When I got home, I fell asleep on the couch, woke up, and threw up again. This time it was watery and not as acidic, but it smelled horrible. I threw up a few more times in the bucket beside the couch, the third time contained some mystery chunks that looked really gross, greenish brown and slimy. Then the doorbell rang. Since I was finished losing it for now, I answered and it was Tristan! He had flowers and I thought it was so cute! Apparently he has a crush on me (he was the kid who took me onstage), or so I heard this morning from his friend Justin.. But I don't know if I would go out with a grade nine.. maybe ;). I g2g now tho so ttyl


My story is the same. I remember being sick when I was 13, and I hated it so much that I thought to myself, "I will never get sick again". And I am now 37 and have not thrown up since. Love to be around to comfort or help when a girl is sick, but if a guy does it or even mentions feeling sick, I leave right away and get a shaky, scared feeling. It's really weird.

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Hi Heather, thanks for your comments on emetophobia. They were helpful. I;m emetophobic too but I disagree with you on a couple of points. I don't think it's inevitable that everyone will vomit someday because I haven't done so since I was 10 and I'm now 37. That's right, I haven't puked since Gerald Ford was president and Michael Jackson was black.

I'm not even sure I know what barfing is like. I just know I don't want to do it. That's one of the reasons I read this group. Heather, how do you know that "all emetophobics know" that barfing is the only way to be cured of emetophobia?

Hey again!
Took your advice, whoever you are, and went into the bathroom at every break. The other day a big rush of girls were in there, including some of the "popular" clique. For you emetophiliacs I will describe them to you.
OK.. Tonya is about 5'8" with long blonde and brown hair and blue eyes, tanned skin, pretty thin. Francesca is the beautiful one, she has long, shiny black hair, tanned skin, brown eyes, perfect build, flat stomach with killer abs, oh my gosh everything I want to be! And then there was Kerri who is 5'5" or so with short brown hair, blue eyes, and a small build. There were also a few more girls in there, this was a very sick day. I can't believe I haven't gotten it yet!

Okay. I had a spare on second period. So, I went to the washroom to "check my makeup". Kerri was in there, waiting for a stall to open up. While she was waiting, you could hear loud, wet retches coming from the third stall and the splash of vomit hitting the water in the toilet. These retches continued for about 3 minutes, as well as sharp gasps between retches and moaning. The girl who had been in the stall emerged with the ends of her long blonde hair covered with red vomit. I knew her because she was Tamara from my English class, and she didn't look well at all. About one minute before she had emerged, Kerri's face had been blanched completely of color, her forehead was glistening with sweat and she appeared to be swallowing down mouthfuls of vomit. She was also holding her stomach and moaning quietly. As soon as Tamara came out of the stall, Kerri flew in, kneeled down and a small bit of thick brown vomit poured into the toilet.(She was leaning kind of sideways so yo! u could see it). Then she moaned thickly and another mouthful of vomit splashed into the toilet. She was shaking all over and then she erupted and tons of vomit splashed into the toilet, onto the sides of the toilet, and some splattered on the floor. Luckily for you guys she didn't close the door, hey! Lol! Oh crap I have to go now but I will finish this later I promise!


Friday, September 13, 2002

Natasha, Cara et al,

I'm better now thanks. My two posts in the monday lot appeared here in the wrong order. The one which started with 'it's sunday' should've gone AFTER the worst one (when I barfed 10 times at the time I'd posted). And then the order seemed to go weird last night so that a post I made YESTERDAY appears EARLIER than my saturday post (and I'm sure the nameless emetophobic's post was in a different place yesterday to).

I don't think it was flu, because I get flu every winter without fail and then I always have diarrhoea with it and I shake and everything. But with this bug I was just being sick. There were no other symptons. It was a weird stomach bug that one.

It wasn't as bad when I was still going to school. Friday was a bad day, but the other day weren't really. I just puked a few times (but a lot came out) at school. That won't keep me away from school. If I was still as bad as I was over the weekend on Monday, I wouldn't have gone in any more then. Since everyone was getting it from everyone else anyway, I didn't worry about passing it on because everyone who was going to get it would've got it from someone else if not me.

I don't talk about the smell much coz my barf doesn't smell usually. Well of course it does smell, but it doesn't have that overpowering smell it a mile off stench which some people's barf has. About the only time I can remember bringing up really smelly barf was a few months ago when I got sick when I was out with my friend, and had to have the aircon on in the house all day to clear it (I posted about that on here at the time). But apart from that, nothing really springs to mind. Sorry to disappoint :-/

I often get to watch people puke. I always get the job of looking after the puker just because I can. A lot of people don't like to watch people barf but it really doesn't affect me at all, lol I could eat my lunch and watch someone be sick at the same time. Most of my friends are quite pretty, and yes some of them have lousy aim and chuck all over the floor. I have one friend who always insists on STANDING over the toilet when she barfs. We all tell her like 'you can only do that when you're 3 feet tall dear' but she doesn't listen and refuses to kneel or crouch. Needless to say she's always a really messy one. I haven't seen anyone barf with this bug yet though except for the girl who was in their barfing on Friday when I had that awful session but I didn't really take in what she was sounding like.

As for me going to school when I was like that, well all of my classes have restrooms nearby so I didn't worry about not making it. And as I had no other symptons, when I wasn't being sick I just felt like uneasy but I could still work. It was only really at the weekend that I was nauseated all the time. Saturday it was like I never felt better when I stopped vomiting, I just didn't feel bad enough to carry on.

And I also went in because I'd rather barf at school than at home. I know people will find this a lil weird, but I get terribly embarassed when I barf in the company of my family, I'd rather do it in the company of friends or (better still) complete strangers or (even better) no one. And plus, if I make a mess on the floor, if it's at school, the janitor cleans it up (sorry Mr Sick ;) ). If it's at home, I clean it up. I know which I prefer.

I'll try and get you more stories from the ladies room. :)

A question for y'all now - how much (or how little) noise do you make? I can't help but make awful cringing 'mmwwwalllggghhhh' sounds every time I wretch. And sometimes when I dry heave I sound like I'm choking which scares anyone who's with me. But I have a friend who make no noise at all. All you here is the splash of vomit in the water, and sometimes a slight cough if she's really being sick hard. And I know still other people who make no noise when they're brining stuff up, but get noisy if they dry heave. I once got accused of putting on the noises I come out with but I don't - it just happens. Does anyone know why some people make noises and some don't?

STEPHANIE: Thanks for the info on "The Perfect Storm"! Mark Wahlberg...if only I could have seen that!

When I was younger (around 9) my mom worked with a woman who had three kids, ages 8,7 and 3. She said they WOULD NOT throw up in the bathroom for anything. She said they could be right inside the bathroom door and they would step out into the hallway and throw up on the carpet! Poor woman spent a lot of time scrubbing carpets...


You forgot about Yeah-yeah. One of the best characters, I adore that movie!

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I have to say that I am absolutely terrified of being sick. Have not done so for several years (and when I did I was so drunk that I didn't really know what I was doing!)
Recently I felt so sick that it would almost have been a relief to do it but managed to get away with it (making promises to every single divine being in the world that I would never smoke again!)
Is emetophobia common?


Have you watched any of your girlfriends at school puke or just other girls and were any of them good looking?. How would you describe the smell coz you didn't talk about it.
Did anyone miss the toilet and leave a big messy load of vomit on the floor?. That's really a nasty flu, i don't understand how you could go to school being as nauseous as you said you were.



try to spend some more time in the ladies' room and give us a report on the school stomach bug. We want to read all the gross details so go for it!!

It´s me again.How are you all,having the stomach flu?I`m a bit better,my first not-puking-day!Yeah!

We had a real bad stomach flu last Whitson.Friends of my parents with to children were about to come to stay at our house for a bit more than the weekend.They wanted to arrive Friday in the evening.

Friday in the morning the father phoned us and told us that their little daughter spent half the night puking.
But she was better already.
So they arrived on Saturday,and with them the stomach flu.

We had a fine day with them,but in the night the daughter started puking a bit again,not bad,the next morning she was ok again(don`t ask me,how she managed it!!) and we decided to visit some sort of museum.We just got all in our car,when the father complained about being sick.
We got into the house again and he knelt down before the toilet,but nothing came out.So we left him at home and got to the museum.

We had again a fine day,in the afternoon we phoned him and he told us,he hadn`t puked til now but he felt like it everytime when getting up of the bed.

The next night was nearly the most horrible one.The father didn`t feel better,but was not about to puke at all.But the son was.
He was about my age and I heared him all the night in the room above me,running to the toilet,coughing and puking and then the flushing of the toilet...
He at least wasn`t better the next morning,he puked again all over...In the evening of this monday by now,they decided to drive home again.
They were gone about three hours when it started with my mom."Same procedure as everytime.."puking etc.

The next day the family phoned again,said they got home with only one puke-stop for their daughter.

And in the evening of that day it caught me.I had felt cold and uncomfortable all day long and later I began to feel really,really sick.After some time all I wanted was to puke to get it the end it took me 6 hours until I felt,now it was coming.
It was just horrible.After I puked a bit I had to choke that horrible I couldn`t hardly believe it.It was just choking into the toilet for about 2 hours...after that I was able to puke again,I was so relieved getting something out again!Then I puked for about three hours,everytime I got in my bed again and thought it was over,after 10minutes it started again.Never have puked that much in my life before!!

I know it sounds pretty stupid with all the family getting the stomach flu after one another,but it was like that!!
The bad thing is,my brother didn`t get it!!Shit!

See you, Mr X or Milo as you might say...

HEATHER: How long have you had the bug for? Have you been getting bed rest, or kept on going to school anyway like you were when you last posted? I know you need the classes, but if you're sick, you should stay home. Bed rest will help the bug go away quicker. If you do the activities you normally would even though you're sick, you ARE going to be sick longer.


Hope you feel better. That's the nastiest description of the flu-bug i've ever read. Can you tell us about how bad you felt and what your bile was like?.

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

I've still got the bug. I don't know if I'm getting better or worse now. I haven't had any awful torrents of bile today, but I'm puking more often and for longer.

It's like the rate at which it comes out has slowed down, so now I'm in the bathroom slowly puking my guts out for half an hour, instead of quickly for 5 minutes.

I'm keeping records now to see if I'm getting better or worse. Today I was sick at 5AM, 7:30, 9, 10, 11:15, 12:50, 2, 4, 5:30 and 6:45. I haven't chucked since then, but that's still 10 times in a day. I've given it to my brother aswell now, which hasn't made it any easier when I need to barf. A lot of my friends are the same too, this bug is awful. My friends Lisa said she heard yesterday at school that a guy in 10th brought it back from Greece with them and went into school whilst he was still a bit sick, and next thing you know it's becoming an epidemic.

ok, now the bit you want to hear. My barf is currently browny-green with little white chunks, sort of a bit like a paste, it's disgusting. And that's it. I feel too miserable to write y'all a better story.

Later, Heath.

Hello everyone!

My name is Natasha P. and I am a sophomore in high school. I live in a warm climate so more viruses get spread around at school. Right now there is a stomach flu bug going around but I haven't seen any episodes from that.

I have a story, and I might post more if time permits..

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Gina were walking to the park. We were going to go there just to walk around and talk and stuff. On the way there, she was like,
"I feel sick." It wasn't really serious so we kept walking and I was telling her about some guy I met at the skate park. Then she was like, "I'm serious Tasha I feel really sick!" I turned to look at her and her face was really pale and sweaty, even though it was kind of cool out. "I think I'm going to throw up" she said in a thick voice. There was a trash can about 10 metres away and she started running to it. But she wasnt even halfway there when a loud gurgle came from her stomach. She groaned and leaned over. She retched loudly and a little spurt of white vomit splattered onto the path. Another loud gurgle erupted and she groaned really loud and then retched wetly. This time a large amount of thick white vomit with brown and tan chunks poured from her mouth. It formed a big puddle on the ground. I thought she was done because there was a long pause. But then another gurgle brought up a big amount of chunks. She was throwing up all of this thick white vomit until fina! lly she was done. It was all over her shirt but she said she felt a lot better.

I g2g so I'll finish posting later.

Another celebrity sick moment for Scarlet: the whole cast of The Perfect Storm got seasick while filming.

<nameless poster>, emetophobia is very common. It's just that a lot of people are too embarassed to talk about it. I had it myself for years and years. I totally sympathise with you about how awful it is. To those of you who don't have it, just consider, it's a fear of something inside you which you can't control and you know you will have to face eventually. And in the meantime you can't ever escape from it. There are very few phobias which can possibly be worse or affect a person's life more.

So yeah, I was emetophobic. Ironically, I got that way through NOT being sick. I wasn't sick at all between the ages of 5 and 12, and after a while it became so alien to me that I devloped a natural 'fear of the unknown' thing. I only realised I had emetophobia when I was 11 and got nauseous at a fairground ride and I felt real terror at the prospect of seeing my lunch again. I'm afraid there's only one way to get over it, which all emets no about, and that's to throw up. Usually several times before you're completely cured.

I had the issue forced on me when I was 12 and started my periods. My first one was really bad and I got paralising stomach cramps and I kept throwing up all the time until it was over. I always remember the first time I threw up that I was shaking so much that my puke didn't go anywhere near the toilet. But try and remember that while upchucking is disgusting and horrible, it's not half as bad as you think it will be and it's nothing to be scared of. But I know I didn't believe that until I found it out for myself, and you will to one day.

Of course these days I've developed IBS, acid reflux, fatty liver, and my immune system has been weakened after catching glandular fever when I was 14, so I puke more times than I care to remember now.

A final thing to try and remember: look at me now, I'm not emetophobic at all and I just look at barfing as a horrible thing that I have to do but no biggie. 6 years ago I wouldn't have believed I would ever feel like that. But I did. As I said, the only way to get over emetophobia is to confront it by throwing up, but while it's one of the worst phobias to have, it's also one of the easiest to get over.

So today is Sunday and day 5 of 'the bug'. I think I'm finally over it now coz I've been good since 11AM and only puked twice today and now I'm eating normally and everything. My little bro Kyle however, has well and truly got it. I can laugh about it again now that I'm feeling better, so here's a puke story for y'all.

K my first barfing session of today happened at 6AM. I got out of bed and since it takes a while to come I went downstairs to the bathroom at the back of the garage - if there are people in the house when I get sick I always go to that one if I can make the distance there to reduce the risk of anyone hearing me and watching (I so hate barfing to an audience). When I opened the door into the garage Kyle was leaning against mom's car. I thought that was odd but before I had a chance to question him it was rising inside me so I just marched into the bathroom, slammed the door shut and proceeded to hurl. This was more of the horrible stuff I had yesterday. Light brownish thick liquid with tiny little white chunks - so it all sort of made a thick gloopy paste. I have never had barf like that before but then I've never been so sick before so I suspose weird things happen after a while. After a few minutes it stopped for a bit. Kyle noticed and asked if I was done. 'I don't thi! nk so' I said. 'What are you doing here anyway?' I asked back in my croaky puke voice. Kyle said that he'd come down there coz he felt really sick but it wouldn't come, so when he heard me get up (his room is directly underneath mine) he ran down to the garage, knowing I'd come here and hoped that hearing me barf would set him off. 'Is it working?' I asked. 'No' he replied. Before I could say anything else I started puking again.

Within a few seconds Kyle shot through the door and started emptying himself in the sink. I looked up and noticed his puke had some huge yellow chunks in it. 'Be sick in the toilet Kyle, you've got chunks' i croaked out. He came over and we both squeezed around the toilet, puking our guts out. His puke was whitish with big yellow chunks, and it disgustingly mixed together with mine in the pan. Kyle only puked for a couple of minutes but I carried on, by now I was dry heaving bile traces and was in tears. Kyle stayed to hold my hair back and rub my back for me until I stopped (which seemed like hours, but looking at the clock on the wall it was actually about 10 minutes).

But that was the last major barf I've had. The second one came at 11AM and I just upchucked a little white barf for a minute or so.

Kyle on the other hand has gone downhill now. He's got it just as bad as I had. I feel so sorry for him, this is miserable, but I'm just glad that *I'm* over it. Has anyone else got any bugs like that going around coz I've never had anything so terrible in my life?

I have to say that I am absolutely terrified of being sick. Have not done so for several years (and when I did I was so drunk that I didn't really know what I was doing!)
Recently I felt so sick that it would almost have been a relief to do it but managed to get away with it (making promises to every single divine being in the world that I would never smoke again!)
Is emetophobia common?

ANGEE--I think the movie you're referring to was "The Sandlot" starring Mike Vitar (as Benny) and I'm not really sure who else, but the characters were Hams, Squince, Smalls, Benny, Timmy, Tommy, Bertrand and a few other kids and big dog called "the beast". Is that the one? They had a very realistic puke scene, especially when one of the kids threw up on that girl's shoes...

I just read in a magazine that Mike from Linkin Park had been playing a not so clean place and it smelled so bad it made him sick, but he didn't want to throw up on anybody, so he puked in his mouth and swallowed it. I just about threw up in the book store reading it! Maybe that's why you aren't supposed to read magazines in the store!


Monday, September 9, 2002


Well within days of starting back at school, there is allready a horrible bug going around, and I've got it. Lots of people are off, I'm braving it and going in because I need the classes.

It's a proper sick bug where there are no other symptoms except for profuse puking. You like keep having 'attacks' when you suddenly feel awful and need to violently empty your stomach until you're bringing up bile and lining before it stops.

I've had it for 2 days now and it's still not getting better. I had the worst attack of it ever this morning. I had allready thrown up before leaving for school, then halfway during math (first thing) I started feally awful and knew I needed the restroom. I told my teacher I didn't feel well and she excused me, knowing about my problem. I went to the closest restroom, went into the nearest stall, knealt down, and waited. Someone else was barfing in another stall at the same time. After about 10 seconds I started puking. I allready had next to nothing in my stomach coz of my earlier session before I got to school, so I was just loudly bringing up traces of bile. After about 10 retches (it really hurt now) I was just wishing that I had something to be sick with and then suddenly my whole body shook and I started bringing up huge mouthfuls of bile. That was the most disgusting thing ever. I brought up 3 in a row. It was sort of dull green with yellow bits from my stomach in! it. That made me stop for a minute, before I went back to dry heaving again, then I was bringing up mouthfuls of bile again. By this time the other girl had cleaned herself up and went to check on me, she held my hair back for me as I continued to puke. It took about 15 minutes before I stopped.

Then she asked if I felt better. I said yes, for the moment, and asked about her. She said she had the bug too, and we exchanged stories for a while whilst I cleaned up.

I got sick 3 more times today, but not nearly as bad. I think I am getting over the bug now, as I have only thrown up once since I came home from school, and normally it would've been more. Anyway, tty all later.


Laramie, you are my new best friend. Hehehehe. I LOVE KURT COBAIN. I'm reading "Heavier Than Heaven" right now. It does have some good stories, huh?

Well, it seems I have a story, not all that descriptive, but it's a story none the less. A girl in my grade, her name's Ashley, was crying in choir and our teacher went into her office to get Ashley a pass to go to the nurse. Well, the class was trying to make her feel better, so one of the girls, Megan, went over and patted her back and looked up at the class and said really loudly, "It's alright, you guys, she's just having my baby." LoL. Everyone laughed and Megan said "No, you guys, I'm kidding, she's not having my baby" like she thought we believed her. Well, Ashley went to the nurse, only to be sent back because her mother did not find her sick enough to go home. Well, two hours later, after gym, in the locker room, I was brushing my hair and in the other dressing room(there's two connected, one for the home team and one for the visitors, I'm supposing) I heard loud coughing and Ashley crying again. Then, I heard "Huuuaaaaaahhhhh" and a few more like it and! the toilet flush(there's also two bathroom stalls and two sinks in each dressing room) and her friend Ambehr asked her if she was alright and I heard her sniffle and mumble something. It was funny, though, because the whole time she was in there puking, me and my friends Holly and Shawnika were just minding our own business, acting like nothing was going on, when usually we would have been freaking out...that was weird...

Well, that's it for now, unless I suddenly think up another.


Friday, September 06, 2002


I was out to dinner with one of my best friends (who i like as more than a friend) Taylor. We live in the same dorm at Florida University. ANYWAY, she ordered some pizza deal and i had the shrimp pasta. After dinner we walked through this great park. I felt unusually full, but figured i could just walk it off. we stopped at this ice cream stand, and she ordered something. i figured a little ice cream couldn't hurt, so i ordered a rootbeer float. after a few sips my stomach began to churn in protest. I let out a HUUUUUUGE burp and felt somewhat releived. I told taylor I needed to sit down for a minute. She looked concerned and asked if I was ok. I told her I just ate too fast. we sat on a bench and i rubbed my upset stomach. she lightly rubbed my back. after a few minutes i began to feel nauseated. my sick stomach was gurgling really loud. i let out a series of long burps and could taste the shrimp from dinner. i stood up and walked over to the grass. I fe! lt really dizzy. taylor helped me sit down while i leaned over the grass and gagged. i was sweating profusely and my stomach felt like exploding. at this point i justed wanted to puke and get it over with. everytime i moved i could feel the shrimp sloshing around in my stomach. taylor put her hand on my stomach and told me I'd feel better once i threw up. at that momenet i let out a disgusting burp and thre up my entire dinner. i kept pausing every few seconds to burp, and then I'd start puking again. I don't think i have ever been that sick in my life. she drove (my car) us back to the dorms and spent the night taking care of me. it was horrible. never again will i eat shrimp.

Laramie: I agree, I like to hear about cute boys throwing up too :) I don't like to see girls throw up, probably because I am a girl and it doesn't turn me on in the least. I just feel sorry for them in a platonic kind of way. One time my friend Devon (who is really cute) was sick, he said he had a stomach flu or something but we all think he just was hung-over, but whatever. We went to eat at this omelett (sp?) place and he thought that if he ate something he might feel better. I thought this was a mistake but he didn't listen to me. He got something gross too, something called a "Denver Omelett". This has ham, tomatoes, various kinds of cheese, etc. Halfway through eating it he pushes his plate away and puts his head into his hands. My best friend (and his girlfriend) Corinne asked him if he was okay. He said "no". Then suddenly he took off for the bathroom. After five minutes I said I'd check if he was okay. It was a single stall unisex bathroom without a lock, so you cou! ld go in to the sink area while someone was in the bathroom. I stood in the sink area and heard "hurp, hulp, burgh", etc. which sounded like your basic between-a-puke-and-a-burp kind of noises, kind of like the pre-puke thing, and then "burbhhhhlllarrgghhhh" and a loud splashing sound. I asked if he was okay and he thought I was Corinne. When he realized it was me, he was mad at her for not coming to see if he was okay. Both she and my boyfriend Matt get grossed out to be around someone who is throwing up but I don't, so I explained that to him. He still thought it was uncaring of her. It was her loss because I got to hold his head when he started throwing up again a minute later. I paged Matt on my cell phone (we have a joint account with text messaging) to call a cab because we had walked to the omelett place and I didn't want Devon walking home. He did and we all piled into the cab, Corinne in the front and me in between Matt and Devon in the back. Suddenly I heard Devon ! make this loud puke-burp noise and say "oh s***" and then cover his mouth. Matt was yelling for the taxi driver to pull over but he wouldn't so Devon puked all over the back of the driver's seat and his shoes. The taxi driver yelled at us for money to clean his cab and said he was going to call the police if we didn't (?!?!). We ran out about half a block from our school (UCSD) and I couldn't believe how insensitive the cabby had been. Some people act like they have never thrown up before in their lives.

Thursday, September 05, 2002

Hi Everybody! This is my first time posting here. i really enjoy all these fascinating barf stories. In fact, I spend so much time here that i am failing my math class. I love theater and I even used one of the posts as a monologue for an audition. (By the way... it landed me the lead role!) Let me take you back to kindergarten 1986... I have this thing where I can't look at mixtures of food without getting queasy. A girl was sitting next to me a t the lunch table and mixed her pizza and mashed potatoes together. I warned her that it was gonna make me ralph, but she wouldn't listen. As the fina straw, she poured her chocolate milk over it and I couldn't control myself anymore. I barfed all over the her! She started to cry, but I warned her. That's the story, but I'm sure I will think of ore soon. Keep the puke coming! Later, Katy

Julie, when I want to barf, which isn't often, I try to sneeze a coupla times by tickling my nose. That always sets it off. I know some people cough, but I find it hard to cough hard enough when I know I'm about to be sick. With the sneeze, my body always does it hard enough and its so involuntary.

My story happened at a carnival. I was just thinking about it because I was at one last weekend. The ride that made me sick was called the Trabant, although I haven't seen one in many years. You get in this circular ride but it spins like a top and goes up in the air a little. A similar ride is called the Tip Top. There was a movie about little kid athletes where the whole team got sick on one about 10 years ago. Does anyone remember what movie that was?

Anyway, I got off the Trabant and I felt kind of not OK. Not sick but not great. My family was about to leave the carnival so we started walking to the parking lot. I was there with my immediate famiily, my best friend and 2 cousins. The walk to the car didn't make me any less dizzy. Just before I got in the car, I threw up big time. Other than the dizziness, I didn't have any warning. It just kind of shot out of me, first just a mouthful, then a lot. It was brown and gross looking. My dad was super happy I didn't puke in the car, and my mom was glad I didn't puke on the ride because that would have ruined my fun. (Actually, I thought the night was kind of ruined the way it was.) The worst part was that everyone saw, especially my brother. He was so shocked, but he had been gloating for a few years that he was going to watch me throw up ever since I saw him do it in the bathroom once.

I went to the carnival again the next day, but I've never been on a Trabant again. Oh, and my brother never said he wanted to see me barf again so I guess he was satisfied.

Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Mr. Sick
Hey there everyone,

Long time, no post, I know! I'm sorry about that but my computer crashed and I just don't have the money to get it fixed right now. (I am useing a computer at the libary right now). I have really missed comeing hear and reading all of the puke stories. I have another one to post, and let me tell you this one is really intresting. Never in a million years would I have expected this to happen.

For those who have read my posts in the past you will know that I work 3rd shift as a custodian at a college. As such, I run into a puke mess that I have to clean up now and then. Well, I had just begun working and was in the middle of cleaning the woman's restroom when I suddenly heard the door open. I said, "Custodian, I'm cleaning right now." but the woman walked right in anyway. She looked at me and blurted out, "I'm so sorry sir!" and she went right into the first stall (which I had just cleaned a few minuets ago.) dropped to her knees infront of the toilet and went "MMMMMMBBBBLLLLLLHHHHHHAAAAAA!" SPLASH! I was freaked out and didn't know what to do. I probably should have left and came back when she was done vomiting, but I was so shocked it was like I was just kinda frozen. She took a deep breath and, "AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRUUUUUUUHHHH!" She began crying in between heaves. "UUUUUURRRRRAAAAALLLLLHHHH!" I just stood there in disbelief that this was happening . I peeked in! to the stall (the door was open). She was kneeling there gripping the toliet seat with all her might, her whole boby was shaking and she leaned forward, opened her mouth wide and spewed a huge stream of orange white and yellow puke into the toilet. Finally, after what seemed like an hour (it couldn't have been more than 5 min.) she began retching with dry heaves which finally tappered off into nothing. She was crying, shaking, almost laying on the toilet seat obviously weak from her ordeal. I think that she had almost forgotten that I was there because as she carefully stood up and walked out of the stall she jumped a little, like she was starteled to see me there. She quickily wipped the tears from her face and said, "I am so sorry sir." I told her that it was ok. I walked out of the restroom while she did her best to clean herself up at the sink. When she came out she was still shaking and seemed to be a little wobbly on her feet. There was an orange stain on the front of ! her shirt just below the neck. I asked her if she was going to be ok and she said, "Yeah, I think so." She told me that she had felt sick all day and that she was just about the leave the school but knew halfway down the hallway that she was going to throw up and then she ran to the nearest restroom there was. She said, "I didn't know you were in there, I am really sorry. I didn't mean to make a mess in the bathroom." I once again assured her that everything was alright and added that I would much rather clean it up in the restroom than off of the floor. I think that made her feel a little better but I could tell that she was still extreamly embarrassed. She left and I went to work on cleaning it up. It actually wasn't too bad. She got most of in into the toilet. There was a small amount of her puke that had run over the lip of the toilet and down the front, and of coures it was splattered all over the bottom of the seat (that can't be helped). It was orange with a few white! chuncks. There was only a very slight puke odder. It only took me a minuet to clean up, but it will be something that I don't think I will ever forget. I doubt that she will either!!! (Ha Ha Ha!) For those of you who are courious, she was kinda pretty, not over weight but not skinny either, shoulder length brown hair, green eyes thin face.

Well, thats all for this time. I hope to post more stories soon, but like I said, my computer is currently out of commission. Here's hopeing to talk to you all again real soon!

Take Care,

Mr. Sick

Ralina--How old are you? You actually KNOW Hayden???? Wow. And it sounds like he throws up an awful lot...

Janie--Yeah, I heard the part about Ryan throwing up in the stairwell. And I asked my sister and she said she had heard about it being b/c Reese hit him so hard AND b/c he got so upset. I guess it could be partly both.

Julie--I haven't thrown up much, but when I'm really nauseated to begin with, I just think of something that really disgusts me and it helps. Also, coughing and gagging helps. But only if I'm queasy to begin with. If I'm not, there's no way I could make myself sick.


Hey everyone

Yeah Scarlet I know Hayden.. he didn't puke too often but I saw him on several occasions.. too bad my memory sucks, lol! Oh well I got to go so um....... bye

I have an interest in bad coughs which cause vomiting. I'd like to see some posts from women who have had a cough so bad that they hurled from it and please be very descriptive.

Bad coughs can cause vomiting and choking and gagging. Some of you have had spasmodic gagging coughs or have seen people with them. It's hard to forget once you've seen a person sruggling with this type of cough and the pile of vomit they leave behind.

Sunday, September 01, 2002

Ralina--How old are you? You actually KNOW Hayden???? Wow. And it sounds like he throws up an awful lot...

Janie--Yeah, I heard the part about Ryan throwing up in the stairwell. And I asked my sister and she said she had heard about it being b/c Reese hit him so hard AND b/c he got so upset. I guess it could be partly both.

Julie--I haven't thrown up much, but when I'm really nauseated to begin with, I just think of something that really disgusts me and it helps. Also, coughing and gagging helps. But only if I'm queasy to begin with. If I'm not, there's no way I could make myself sick.


hey, whoever said they are into seeing celebrities throw up, they are right on! i love kurt cobain and found it so cool that he would puke constantly. any other kurt/puke fans (that sounds really silly, but you know what i mean) should read "heavier than heaven", its a biography about kurt. there's some great stuff about kurt puking from heroin withdrawal and b/c of his weird stomach condition. i never puke (thank god) but my boyfriend pierre (who is incredibly HOT...i like to hear about hot boys puking the best) pukes constantly because he is one of those types of people who can't stand most kinds of food so whenever we eat at a restaurant that serves anything more bland than macaroni and cheese (incidentally, kurt's favorite food), he will puke and i'll get to take care of him...yay. i think he kind of knows that i find this hot but we've never discussed it directly but he jokes about it sometimes. that thing about ryan phillipe puking was pretty cool too. ok. i have one q! uestion--why do people burp before they throw up? i asked my boyfriend that and he said that it has something to do with the body getting ready to puke or something. anyone know?

hi!My name is kerri and im a first timer.I always been visiting this site but ive finally dexcided to write.
there was a time when i got really sick during a car ride and just felt like puking.My mum held out the basket but i missed and puked all over her handsand the car!i puked almost non stop for 5 minuites!and my vomit was brown and chunky !it really gross me out!!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

On the Ryan Phillippe subject, I heard that also but I read it differently in some magazine. I read that he got so upset by the scene when he and Reese (sorry can't remember her character's name for the life of me) break up that he ran off down the stairs and threw up by the stairwell. But anyway-that's only the version I heard.

Da Man
Greetings puke lovers, especially to my currently homeless friends from Barf-a-Rama. I just recently posted a personal story about getting a stomach flu and puking in the shower and had been whining about the fact that my wife hardly ever vomits. Knowing her for some 18 years, I have only seen her puke less than a hand full of times. It seems that as we get older we are both more susceptible to stomach viruses. Two nights ago it was her turn and that makes 3 puke sessions in the last 1.5 years. Now I don’t want her to suffer and if I could wave a magic wand to make it all better I would, since I can’t I settle for helping her and “enjoying the scene”. For those who care she is a pretty girl. Blond hair, brown eyes, and a nice body even after 2 kids. She stands about 5 foot 5.

About 3 pm on Monday my wife called me at work and told me she felt sick. Skin crawling, feeling hot and cold, and very nauseas. The term she used was that she felt like she could hurl. One of my weird emetophile “hang-ups” is my wife puking and I am not there. It always bothers me for days afterward. If I could have, I would have left work then but I had to wait it out. I got home quickly and she said she still felt sick. I hovered around her from about 5:30 until we settled the kids down. At one point she was up in bed, my son and I were in the room, when she kind of gagged softly, she got up and went to the bathroom and knelt in front of the toilet but nothing came of it.

After the kids went to bed we were on the couch, just about 10pm watching TV, she was kind of quiet for a bit when she got up and walked into the bathroom. I stupidly played it a bit cool ( I have been kicking myself for not following her) and stayed in the living room, thinking maybe, she had to pee. Then I heard a big gag/wretch and splash. I quickly ran to the bathroom where she was on her knees (her favorite puke position) with her arms on the toilet and her face in the toilet. I grabbed her hair back and looked in the toilet. There was reddish liquid vomit with big white chunks in the water. She had last eaten pizza and the white chunks were the bread. She was complaining of chunks in her throat and nose. I saw her gagged hard and a big white chunk came out. I saw her gag and heave a couple of time with a small amount of liquid come out, but had missed the best part. She asked for a little Gatorade and we sat back down.

I was wondering if a second round would come, she felt better for a few minutes, but the nausea returned and I figured she’d puke again. An hour later she got up without a word and I followed right behind. She quickened her steps as we got near the bathroom and gagged as she started to kneel. This time she puked at least 6 or 7 times. Deep retching, which was bringing up creamy yellow, clear, and bluish (Gatorade) puke. A couple of times she gagged unproductively in between puking. No chunks this time. She remarked later it tasted fruity. Also for those who care she does not make too much noise, but when she does it is the typical gag or retching sound. Also, believe it or not, I really didn’t smell any puke in the bathroom or on her. After that round she felt better and even went to work the next morning like the trooper she is.

Jazz/Norm finally got to hook you two up with a decent story. SBL wish I was next to you during that plane flight, I really am unlucky when it comes to seeing girls puke. That was some big time puke scene.

Hi, I'll post another story soon, but for now I have a question for everyone. When you want to throw up, what do you do to bring it on? Personally I find that coughing a little seems to do it, but what experience do other people have?

Sir Killalot
Wow, Corrine. I'm sorry about the cancer, I know people with it and it's something I wouldn't wish on anyone. I'm keeping you in my prayers.

When I was in either Kindergarten or First Grade, I'd been sick with something (Great detail, huh? :P But that was a long time ago.) and had been out of school for days. On my first day back to class, my teacher asked my dad if I was better now as he was leading me in, and Dad says I'm okay. I'm on my way to my desk and Dad's not even out of the room when, completely out of nowhere, I throw up all over the floor. The rest of the class is just staring at me. Dad made this "ooo... kay..." expression as he led me back out of the room. One more day out of school for me. Unfortunately, this was when I actually liked school. Six or so years later, I'd have been thrilled for the extra day's break.

Thursday, August 10, 2002

Hello, I've been lurking here for some time but never posted anything, partly because I hardly ever puke and also because English isn't my native language...
Anyways, I have a story about a friend of mine: it was a very boring lesson in school and I spent most of it sleeping/daydreaming, my other friend was drawing on the table and Julia kept complaining that she felt sick and dizzy, but we didnt pay much attention. At the end of the lesson she stood up and got this strange expression on her face, I looked at her and just knew she was going to hurl; I didn't feel like staying around then and dashed out of the room, at the same time she barfed over the desk with one violent heave. The whole desk was covered in brown/red chunky puke, it also splashed on the floor and on her clothes. Our teacher was just cleaning it up with the sponge (which was really gross) when another teacher came in and started laughing really hard. He said something like 'your lessons make people vomit' which both of them found incredibly funny. Teachers have a strange kind of humour...
I have to admit I agree with Scarlet - I too find it rather funny when (male) celebs get sick. But I just remember one thing I've heard, that Elijah Wood couldn't celebrate his 21st birthday in Las Vegas because he came down with the stomach flu and had to stay at home puking his guts out; Dominic Monaghan was also there because he was staying at his house for a few months.

Hey everyone! Actually in response to some of the girls' posts here, I have some stories about Hayden . About 10 years ago we lived on the same street in Ontario and on several occasions I would see him get sick whether it be at my house, on the street or at his house. I don't have many details though cuz it was a long time ago! lol

Bye everyone

MANDA--Thanks for replying. Nick really threw up in front of a hotel? I hadn't heard it, but I don't doubt it. And Kurt vomitted blood? That's not good...That's cool that you are a Marilyn Manson fan. I used to be obessed, but I'm kinda over him now.

JANIE--I've read stories in several places. I heard about several on the internet or teen magazines. I read about Hayden Christensen in 17 magazine.

A few to add--
~Hayden threw up TWO times on the way to interviews b/c he was so nervous.
~Ryan Phillippe threw up in a stairwell while filming Cruel Intentions. My sister said she read that Reese Witherspoon hit him so hard in the scene when he says he never loved her that he actually had to run off the set to get sick.
~Amy Jo Johnson (Kimberly on Power Rangers years ago) used to get so upset before filiming that she's throw up.


Lol Manda! If you want to see Ozzy vomit all you have to do is watch a TV special or rent a biography video! I love that bat-biting Ozzy.. lol

Anyway I was at my girlfriends house and we were sitting in her room talking about stuff when all of a sudden i had a big coughing fit. Vomit sprayed out of my mouth and all over my girlfriend. It was pretty bad but she was nice about it..


Monday, July 29, 2002

Hey everyone. Allie told me about this site she was posting on. Well, its the sixth day I'm here, and I'm doing a ton better. It's pretty embarasing hurling infront of your girlfriend, your girlfriend's older sister, your girlfriend's older sisters boyfriend, your girlfriend's younger brother and sister(twins), and your girlfriend's other younger brother. Last night we were watching "the perfect Storm" with Allie's two sisters, two brothers, and Nikki's boyfriend. I felt a LOT better tha n I did when I first got sick. We were eating popcorn and in the middle of the storm. The up and down motion was making my stomach feel sort of sick, but I shrugged it off, just like I did when we were playing xbox. big mistake. I never get motion sickness, but here I was holding down vomit during a MOVIE. Allie, (getting nervous about the fate of the fishermen) scoots down the couch towards me, rubbing her head into my stomach. I can feel my stomach gurgling, and I guess Allie can hear it t oo, because she sits up and hands me the empty bowl. Then she leads me to the bathroom saying, we're going to make more popcorn. Once in the bathroom, I immediatly lean over the toilet. I can feel the vomit by now, and Allie asks if I'm alright. I shake my head. I didn't know what was wrong, I just couldn't throw up. I tried making myself retch, stuck my fingers down my throat but nothing worked. After a while, I started to fee better, so we went back to sit down. Once again, Allie snuggled her head onto my lap, and once again, I started to feel sick. This time I knew I was going to hurl, so I grabbed the popcorn bowl, and threw up infront of everyone. I didn't really care, because I felt soooo sick, but the movie was stopped and brought to a different room so I could rest, which I did happily, with Allie, the best girlfriend a guy could ask for.

Wow! That certainly is quite a few interesting bits of information! Where in the world did you find it all? I have a few stories about celebrites but certainly not that many!

Hey, I had to make a reply to Scarlet's post, lol. In one of the earlier posts, someone said something about Nick Carter having pnuemonia and losing it in front of a hotel in front of tons of fans. Gotta feel sorry for him. And I have a new obsession for rock music(Kurt Cobain and Marilyn Manson being my main objects of interest) and I've been reading a biography about Kurt Cobain and it says he had a stomach condition that caused him to vomit up bile and blood. Poor guy...

Anyways, I decided to make a new and improved list of stars I wanna see blow chunks.

-Kurt Cobain(even though he is dead and it seems a bit morbid, I still think it would be interesting)
-Marilyn Manson(this would be VERY interesting)
-Ozzy Osbourne(don't ask me why, I have this obsession with Goths. I am Goth myself)
-Johnny Depp(cuz the vomiting scene in Edward Scissorhands where you just hear it and don't see anything just don't cut it!)
-Hayden Christensen

I think that's all for right now. I don't have any good vomiting tales, though. :( Nothing good like that ever happens around here. *sigh*


Um.. alright.
I have a story or maybe two depending on the time.

Two years ago, when I was 15, I was riding in the backseat of my family's minivan on the way to Phoenix to visit my grandparents. There were severe winding roads and I started to feel nauseous. Apparently my older sister, who was 17 at the time, was sick too, because about 4 hours into the drive, she shouted "Dad, pull over, I think I'm going to throw up!" So we pulled over. Trina (my sis) scrambled into the ditch and started to puke up thick, chunky brown vomit (hamburger!!) and I coughed and a whole shitload of chunky orange vomit spilled onto the pavement.

Bye out of time

Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Hi again everyone! I've got more about Nick! As you know, he is staying at my house while his parents were out. Well, he sleeps most of the day, (and night,) and my mom doesn't know he is sick. (She works during the night in the ER and my dad moved out three years ago.) So anyway, after the first time he got sick infront my older sister, Nikki, he went to sleep. Me, being the nice caring person I am let him have my bed and I sleep in the pullout in my room. BIG mistake. We forgot a bin for him to puke in, and he didn't make it out of bed before exploding. I was asleep, (it was night) and I woke up to Nick having vomit pouring out of his mouth, coughing and choking. Me, again being the Good Samaritan I am, helped clean him up, take his shirt off, and make his way to the bathroom. There, he threw up three more times, and fainted right infront of the toilet. So, I flushed, and tried to drag him back to his bed with no success. He ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor mat with! a sheet over him, and me asleep in the bathtub. Today is the fourth day hes been here, and is still pretty sick, but he can run to the bathroom atleast.

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