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1.Mission statement
1.1 The toilet was created as a [pensive] discussion of bodily functions, without the fetish, sexual and adult, and pornographic aspects usually associated with the topic. Please note: We will let casual references slide provided they are not the entire content of the post. This is not a fantasy forum, or a sex site. You can get the best idea of acceptable material by reading the posts already on the site. As this is a site for all ages complete anonymity will be observed with no exceptions. At no time will anyone be permitted to reveal enough personal information or where to get enough information to allow them to be contacted or identified in real life. This site operates on the principle that people of all ages, races, creeds can all be civilized and carry on anonymous discussions and debates in a civilized manner in and environment free of harassment, people sweating each other, and clowning around. Differing opinions are welcome (this thing would be dull without them.) In order to keep The Toilet enjoyable to all visitors, the forum is moderated. We do not believe in censorship but to keep this site's quality, it is necessary to weed out all of the lame, useless, spam and trash posts. All posts become the property of and or its parent company. The Sitting on The Toilet Survey (which is confidential) is separate, optional, and open to any response you feel fits the question and has no restrictions on responses.

1.2 All posts submitted here are queued until they are posted.

1.3 Most Days, posts are usually added sometime in the evening or at night. Posts are usually added every other day depending on quantity and quality of what is submitted. (Occasionally we may skip a day or two or add new posts twice in one day) You may wish to set a bookmark and check back at the forum you posted to. 1.4 If you feel your post has not been posted in a timely manner please check the following three items: 1.)Has it has been longer than 72 hours since you posted? 2.) Have you checked if the forum has been updated? (A date stamp can be found below the posts for each particular day i.e. Friday, December 12, 1997) Try clearing your browser's cache. (AOL subscribers many times are prevented from seeing current copies of what is actually being displayed outside on the internet. This is the nature of their service. This is also how they profit from the AOL keyword [protection racket]. Look through the old posts for about a 10 day long period in 2000 where an unusually large number of posts describe things that don't match up, like lack of updates when they clearly happened, and people responding to large numbers of noncurrent posts.) and 3.) Does your post follow the rules in this faq? If you answered yes to all three of these questions you can go to the courtesy phone and inquire about your post. Please be sure to include your correct email address, and the date and time of your post.

1.5 We screen all posts and reserve the right to refuse to reject any submission at our discretion without notice. Some examples:

What is acceptable:
  • stories about you or anyone else going to the bathroom, bushes etc,
    (they can also be about your kids, friends, family strangers etc.)
  • having an accident
  • having to hold it
  • watching else someone go
  • a past bathroom related experience
  • related medical issues/health discussion bashful bladder, lactose intolerance, colitis, etc.
  • childhood experiences, good or bad. (this may include discussion of past childhood abuse)
  • going in a strange place because you wanted to i.e. in an elevator
  • anything else bathroom related you can think of
  • Most bathroom related discussion.
What is okay as long as it isn't taken tooooo far:
(which happens most of the time.)
  • Stories about having an intentional accident
What will not get posted:

  • Posts that are clearly of a sexual, fetish, or adult nature
  • posts that are truly tasteless
  • plagiarized material
  • test posts
  • posts that are off subject
  • posts complaining about not getting posted when the poster clearly hasn't read or followed the FAQ and or followed proper procedure to find out why they were not posted.
  • posts that are extremely vulgar
  • posts that are about absolutely nothing
  • posts that don't make sense
  • posts that aren't in English
  • posts that are barely in English
  • celebrity fantasy lists
  • material from email joke lists and or humor archives (it's all very old)
  • posts about having sex
  • Golden showers, brown showers, adult babies, BD/SM, DL, etc.
  • requests to trade, acquire etc. pictures, files, video tapes etc.
  • posts solely or mostly about the pictures/decorations
  • stories about you playing with your self, your partner and or bodily functions
  • Sex toys, cross dressing etc.
  • Posts from those who post as several different people.
  • posts about committing the following two [illegal] activities, voyeurism by a.)breaking and entering or b.)entering facilities of the opposite sex for that purpose.
  • posts that are truly tasteless
  • posts about retrieving, playing with, sampling etc. other people's bodily produce.
  • requests to engage in chat, email and or personal/physical relations. We have a policy that everyone stays anonymous so all links, email addresses, etc get edited out. See paragraph 5 below for details.
  • People have different digestive qualities, chemical compositions, diets etc. as a result they produce radically different products. This is above and beyond any medical conditions or illnesses. People produce what is natural for them regardless of that being a puddle or a pile. There will be no insinuation that one type of product is superior or even normal.
  • posts that violate the rules and regulations
  • Mean posts

Keep in mind that you are always free to seek out sexual materials and whatever else elsewhere on the internet. (you will have know your local laws and search for them yourself, don't ask us where they are)

1.6 Size Understand the size of this site. The first posts are from 1995. The most recent is the highest numbered page. The old posts span in excess of 1,800 pages and 70 million bytes. Understand how much time may have passed between where you are looking and the present. Understand that this FAQ may be long but is .002% of the total textual area of this site.

1.7 Scope Understand that this site predates all social networking, and the current breakdown of discourse and intellect, known as text messaging. We aren't on any social networking site in any form. While this site can be accessed, and is frequently accessed using basic mobile devices, all of the etiquette, structure and values have been preserved, the way things used to be before the internet became a marketplace for half assed panty waist revolutionary rejects and other purveyors of vitriol. Is that run on sentence 134.6 characters?

1.8 Mobile Phones/Devices The forum, posting form, and old posts are available on WAP enabled devices.

2. Etiquette and Acceptable use

2.1 Shouting TYPING IN ALL CAPS IS CALLED SHOUTING. It is considered rude on the internet, and besides it is very difficult to read an entire story in all capital letters. Before posting turn your caps lock off. Make the internet a better place, leave it off forever. Better yet, break the key off all together. Shouting on the title line makes it go away.

2.2 Requests, Questions and Comments We appreciate feedback from our readers and have set up the courtesy phone for just that.

2.3 This is not a classified/personal ad In addition to our policy where everyone remains anonymous, this is not a site for requests, "send me", talk to me etc. of this nature go straight in the trash. This includes requests to contact people, email ICQ etc. This site is not equipped with the time, facilities or patience to operate such a service. See also 5.1

2.4 Sweating people: "I think you are so sexy...", "I just love your...", "hey ladies...", "I want to meet someone like you", "I wish my___________ was like you.", "I wish my _________ would let me watch", etc. Plus, there are the folk that only want to talk to female posters, and are sooooo happy to talk to them.
Thou shalt not: covet, stalk, lust after, or become infatuated with other posters on our forum.

The arrival of a female poster generates pestilence like flies landing all over a picnic. Only grown men do this. It seems everyone else including kids, know better. This is an item we have very little patience or tolerance for. Not only are these activities tacky, and in extremely bad taste, we simply will not fill up a forum with these kinds of posts. Sure, everyone would like to meet someone of their romantic persuasion. If we post that, how will it look? If we post that, what shall we say to those being pursued? If this is what you want, turn the computer off and go to a bar. If those same lines get a drink thrown upside your head in real life, how well do they really work? See also 4.3, 4.4, 4.6 and 4.6.1

2.5 People who are too lazy to stop by more than once. Also on the list are the people with the "please email me because" a.) I won't be stopping by much, b.)I want you to give me..., or c.)I'm special mentalities. If you don't go to the bus stop the bus ain't comin' to yo house. What's even worse is that half of the people who do this usually can't even get their email address right.
2.5.1 send your response to...
This applies to people who want to solicit here for responses to be sent elsewhere. This is usually people who know that their post is in gross violation of this site's rules (libel, exchanging personal information with a minor, and the exchange of information between two unverified parties). They are determined to find a way around the rules, so they put their request or information on another site, then tell people to look or respond there. Right off the top, half of the time "there" is an adult site. Any request you make applies to everyone that sees your request. We have no age requirements, so now your post is using our site to provide directions to an adult site, to minors. Even worse, posts of this nature effectively are telling us that we should ask someone else's site to say and publish things we won't do or say ourselves. That is called hypocrisy. Does that sound like something you would want done to you? Didn't think so. The point of the complete anonymity rule is that we don't have to ensure the safe exchange of personal information. The rule is not there for you to find ways to circumvent it.

2.6 Bible thumpers, self righteous hypocrites, judgmental atheists, Also under the banner of spam will fall Bible thumpers, self righteous hypocrites, judgmental atheists, and other people who feel the need to judge, condemn and proselytize. (They never realize that they are really the same.) This site was created thanks be to The Grace of The Almighty God and we thank God for it. However we will have no part of shoving religion down someone's throat or getting up on some morally high horse and condemning all within reach.

2.7 Mentioning a product site etc is one thing, you are allowed to do that within reason. However we do not allow links, commercial messages, or spam. While some links/requests for links may be justified, we have barred the posting of all links, email addresses, etc. because a.) We are not going to screen and sort through every link that comes by. b.) We will not play God, to decide who gets privileges and who doesn't [and have to justify our actions every time]. c.) we will not be baited and switched. Everybody gets the same treatment: No.
2.7.1 Commercial crap99% of all the people who post are good folks but there are those in that bottom 1% who think their commercialism is cute. Advertising within our region space is prohibited. This applies to UCE, spam and or want us to advertise their wares, trade links banners and other mess, peddle their smut etc. That includes posting your url and or some lame tag line, a or requests for links to your site. Chain letters and UCE are also unwelcome.
2.7.2 MLM, and people who believe that the crap they are selling ain't MLM or some other ponzi scheme because the person they bought it from said so (You know who you are) Whether or not you are in denial about the sales pitch or lame tag line you are using, it is spam and probably illegal. Don't post it.
2.7.3 Send $9.95 to p.o. box... Non-Internet sales are also strictly prohibited. Don't even bother asking, the answer is NO. Why? Would you want us to open up a mail order business, complete with ho' house, vitamin shop, warehouse, airstrip, morgue, rail terminal, and office complex on your property, while you pay the costs?
2.7.4 Books Just because you are writing a book, doesn't mean the rules bend for you and your book. 2.4, 2.5, 2.7, 2.7.1, 2.7.2 and 2.7.3 apply and will be enforced.

2.8 Creepy posts Some posts make the moderator go "yeeeek". There is probably not much wrong with the post as far as the paragraphs below are concerned, it is just really creepy. Some people's stuff seems almost life like. It makes you take you hands off the computer and check them for bodily, coffee cup and submarine sandwich secretions.

2.8.1 Mean posts Let's talk about mean people for a second here, seeing as we always have three or four who for the most part are unable to put together a post suitable for posting. We're not sure of the motives that possess folks to turn on their computer and try to be mean, demanding, and or demeaning. Maybe some of it is a side effect of using Comcast and other cable based HSI services but that still doesn't explain everyone. Throwing common courtesy to the wind is wrong period. You wouldn't walk up to someone you don't know and address them in the manner, the handful of you do here, on the street, so don't do it from behind your computer. Do not:

Better yet, now is a good time to read The seven lacks of common courtesy and other head scratchers.

2.8.2 Whiny posts Some people, sadly have no other function than to whine. They often make assumptions about who is or isn't posting what and why. Others never have anything constructive to say. Either way, more often than not, that's all they ever post. Why? Why waste energy giving your sour opinion? Don't like what's being or not being posted? You are free to post our own posts to fill that void, and do so without whining.

2.8.3 A clarification to this [2.8] is on page 2689 Someone asked about paragraph 2.8 in the FAQ. "2.8 Creepy posts Some posts make the moderator go "yeeeek". There is probably not much wrong with the post as far as the paragraphs below are concerned, it is just really creepy. Some people's stuff seems almost life like. It makes you take you hands off the computer and check them for bodily, coffee cup and submarine sandwich secretions." From time to time we get posts that can best be described as superlative filled plays. This is often what 2.8 is about. You don't write like you are making out. There is no character development. The chemistry and emotion die horribly in translation to printed format. What is left is a mushy, sugary dialog with zero context. Think about it, a good screenplay is mostly a description of visual imagery and action, not over wrought dialog.

2.9 If a response to a post goes over the guidelines It does not get posted. Responding to a post does not guarantee posting.

2.10 For the truly hard headed: this is not a trading post, the lost and found, the ten cent sto', swap meet, WAREZ, adult bookstore, directory assistance, help desk, road map, tech support, Innernet' viagra kiosk or information booth. The forums here are for discussions the courtesy phone is for relevant questions and comments. They shall not be clogged them up with endless requests to trade, chat or exchange all sorts of trinkets, period.

2.11 Medical/Professional Advice This site is not medical advice, treatment advice or pharmacological advice of any form. The "innernet" is no substitute for real world medical attention, be it emergency, routine, psychiatric or otherwise. Furthermore this site is run by hacks, quacks, dropouts, and has-beens. Nothing here should be construed as a substitute for actual professional advice and or services of any kind no matter how tempting. Protect yourself. Use advice and anecdotes at your own risk.

2.12 Celebrity fantasy lists We don't post them. They are tacky and kind of sad.

2.13 Posts that go on for miles This item has been enforced for years, and was explained somewhere but it never seemed to make it into the FAQ. It applies to far less than 1% of all posts. Many people say their post is long. The truth, it really isn't. Their post may work out to about 1.5 printed pages, if that much. (most never top 2 pages) This is about the posts that are five, six, eight, 10+ pages long. If the post is fit to print, it goes directly in the first available space in the old posts. These super sized posts start at the bottom of the current page. Given the length of all the other new posts that day, and the length of the current posts, when new pages are generated, the post in question can easily end up anywhere from one to three pages back to start with. Why? One post, occupying 40%-50% (20% is the cutoff) of the available real estate, displaces other shorter posts, from being read and responded to. That's just not fair to everyone else. Oh, cutting a huge post into two or more posts, to be posted in one day or one update of the forum, causes the posts to be viewed as one large item.

Page 2082 has a visual aid on it showing what huge posts do. This page is a little over sized. The indented (sample) section is about 40-60% of a typical page.

3. Bigotry, hate posts etc.

Why do we have to have this section? Why, why, why, why?

3.1 -I hate (Fill in the blank) 1. You are entitled to your own opinion. 2. You may express your opinion, but only in an intelligent manner. 3.If you aren't adult enough to express your opinions in an intelligent manner, go away. There are people here many years younger than you that are more mature.
3.1.1 Your more intelligent bigots write it this way: "Now I have nothing against ____________ or anything like that, but they..." Well, the end result is the same.

3.2 posts that follow the following format If your post reads anything like the following "I think you are all a bunch of (fill in your favorite obscene, blasphemous, or derogatory phrase). You need to get (insert an obscene reference to normal copulation). You need to take your [sic] (insert the noun form of the name of some nonstandard sexual act) and go and/to (insert something else unintelligent and obscene in this space)" This is your notice in writing. You have been warned.

3.3 posts that follow 3.1 and 3.2 and or this format "post this [unintelligible mess] message because I have a right to my opinion. If you don't I will know I am right" If your post has one of those, you: a.) agree that your opinion is rendered null and void at the moment you send it because this document, and the rules contained herein are automatically agreed to upon use of this site. b.) waive your right to claim any opinion in your submission and any previously, related submissions and or addendum's, because you are attempting to make a statement on behalf of us and or someone else. What we post or do not post and the content and statements therein does not constitute an affirmation, denial, or endorsement of anything.

3.4 What 2.6 said again

4. Sex!

4.1 While we respect all natural acts here including sex and or masturbation, [freedom of the bedroom], this is not a sex site. Casual reverences to natural sexual acts may be included in your posts very sparingly if needed, but the discussion or proclamation of sex, self manipulation, orgasmic experiences, etc. or fantasies about same won't make it. We support your right to partake in whatever consensual sexual activities you choose. When choosing, please remember, that is your choice and your personal business alone. It should stay your private business. On a lighter note, we also don't want to hear about your 17", watching someone else's, what you did; with how many women and or men at once or any other new fangled position, method unusual orifice or any other extreme/cutting edge sexual exploits you partook in that pushed the envelope. There is a reason they put the "private" in Private parts.

4.2 Child Pornography/pedophilia We don't want it. It is illegal. Don't post it. The bath tub/potty chair photos that haunt every family album are one thing, but once you cross over into a sexual area children are unable and not meant to be able give adequate consent or comprehend. For those who will inevitably say that their kids are special or try argue we will say this to you right now; That includes all children even yours. Half the legal adults can't get that straight so you can be sure children won't. Trust us on that."

4.3 Sexually related requests We do not and will not post any requests to engage in, watch, receive, etc. any sex act or sex related act. Period. This also extends to non sexual requests of this nature.

4.4 Fetishes Just because some topics are associated with some form of fetish or sex elsewhere does not mean they are discussed in that context everywhere. Being turned or interested in something, A.)does not necessarily have a sexual connotation. B.)does not mean something needs to be discussed in a sexual context C). does not mean that sexual aspects have to be mentioned. D.)does not mean that technical references need to contain details. Please remember you are free to pursue whatever fetish you want. The freedom you enjoy also grants us the freedom not to pursue your fetish. Therefore, the forums here contain discussions without the sexual aspects of the topic. Just because there aren't people falling over each other to pick up a kindred spirit is not an invitation to start. (see 2.4)

4.5 Why won't you put up porn/pictures etc.We have no problem with pictures, but they are just out of place. Besides it has been done thousands of times. Putting up pictures is an invitation for thousands of people to run by for fast excitement. They fly right past any pensive content because pictures mean the thinking has already done. This site was created to get people to read, think, experience and remember, not look, read and have a moment of excitement and forget.

4.6 Hey ladies I want to talk about... also "I want to know xyz especially/only from the ladies", "I [demand] you talk about ____ because that excites me", etc. Post of this nature are usually on shaky ground. There is a certain element of people who have a fantasy they want to fulfill. If the post actually makes it, very few people respond. The person will then post the same thing again and again. You can't get answers out of people by verbiage. It won't fly See also 1.1, and 2.4
4.6.1 Drooling aka. stalking. This is the extreme form of the above. It is someone, usually male who posts an incoherent post about wanting a companion. That's really not what we have a problem with. It is the guys who post the same crap over and over. This isn't a bar, you are spamming.This is your notice because, we do not post, forward or respond to these type of submissions, whether it is your first or 10,000th.What's worse is that, these are grown folks and folks under 10 are capable of carrying on a more intelligent discussion

4.6.2 Fetishes Just because some topics are associated with some form of fetish or sex elsewhere does not mean they are discussed in that context everywhere. Being turned or interested in something, A.)does not necessarily have a sexual connotation. B.)does not mean something needs to be discussed in a sexual context C). does not mean that sexual aspects have to be mentioned. D.)does not mean that technical references need to contain details. Please remember you are free to pursue whatever fetish you want. The freedom you enjoy also grants us the freedom not to pursue your fetish. Therefore, the forums here contain discussions without the sexual aspects of the topic. Just because there aren't people falling over each other to pick up a kindred spirit is not an invitation to start. (see 2.4)

So, 4.6 is a one and done item. You cannot recover, and you will not be posted again. This is Just that serious. It is one thing to ask tactfully, and respectfully about other people's peepee, poopoo, butts and farts in a crowd who is gathered for the sole purpose of talking about peepee, poopoo, farts and butts. You have failed at conversation as equals. You have failed at the dialectic process. You've said it yourself, you are here for titillation. Words matter. Your tone, your language choices and your attitude carry a spirit of greed, and consumption. You have made it known what you are after, and just assume people want to keep playing along after your bombshell revelation. Trouble is the people you are trying to talk to are anonymous some are even minors. The FAQ told you that. Even if you missed it, did you bother to check whom your query was addressed to? Put yourself in others' shoes; who do you think is on this site just waiting to be the object of your infatuation? People are here because they want to talk about peepee, poopoo, butts and farts. You are looking for something entirely different. These are not the same.

Now, Why is this so permanent? So, we don't post your post this time. With the knowledge of who you are, and what you are after, if we let you continue posting in the future, no one but us will be aware of your true intentions. That is wrong. We intend to back our product. It matters to us to be able to say, what you see is what you are getting. See the coverage of this item here.

4.7 Grown folks whose mommas and daddies ain't talked to them about sex and or the differences between a men and a women yet.Please note this section (4.7 and 4.71) do not apply to health issues, medical conditions or illnesses. This is a rare problem, but we have to address it. There are some questions that should have been discussed with you at a young age, or in a health class. However, we inevitably get questions from people that should have been answered or can be answered by a trip to the library.
4.7.2 We don't post these if the person is a kid, chances are that if their parents didn't talk to them, they should be reading a book or talking to an adult or teacher. If you have none of the above, please try a local anonymous free health clinic. There is no substitute on the internet for the technical, moral, ethical and religious issues involved in learning about growing up, STDs, health, contraception, sex, and sexually related acts.

4.8 Computer sex/personalized posts that are a little too personal. No, no, no. Why? 1.) tacky 2.)inappropriate: that could be the kid next door.
4.8.1 The romance novel. This is not a romance novel. Posts like this are not only disrespectful, they're tacky for any number of reasons.You are not here to tell what turns you on, how you were turned on.

5 Security and Privacy Policy

5.1 Use of personal information in discussion forums Everyone stays anonymous. Always and forever NO exceptions. We do not use cookies. At no time will you be required, obligated, or permitted to give out enough information about yourself to allow you to be identified in real life. This includes:
This website does not deal in the unsolicited or involuntary exchange of personal information such as email addresses etc. For legal reasons, we do not deal in the exchange of personal information such as email addresses, ICQ numbers etc. If we did, we would then liable for what ever results from providing that exchange. Anyone acting as the medium of exchange for personal information has a legal and moral obligation to ensure that the information they are actively passing is not ill begotten and or ending up in into the wrong hands. In order to do that we would need to establish and guarantee your identity. This all defeats the purpose of anonymity, because that leads to needing to be able to verify that A.)that everyone there is above legal age B.)that everyone there has been informed of the age requirements at all possible points of entry. You would potentially have to prove your identity in real life including your place of residence to determine your eligibility to visit. We do not wish to play big brother, and will not attempt to gather enough information to make a determination of fitness of two or more parties to exchange information. Consent by both parties does not change our legal obligations here and does not constitute an exception. This kind of task is so complex that it is usually left up to the government in the form of social security numbers, IDs, Driver's licenses, passports etc. However

5.3.1 Phishing for addresses\information. You have seen this one many times, someone posts something under false pretenses. It may be a "please help my family", a letter that only asks for a reply, something inflammatory or designed to grab attention. As sick as it seems, they could care less about the subject, they just want the email addresses off the responses. Some sell them as a mailing list, others simply want people they can scam, harass, proselytize to etc. 5.32 Spam bots. A spam bot is a piece of software designed to go through web sites [without permission] looking for email addresses to steal and sell. Any email address published on the Web is subject to grabbing by spambots. Web related security is a very serious issue. Whether or not you want your email address made public, we will not post it because, we will have no part in letting this site indirectly provide any spammer with anything to further their degenerate business.

5.1.2 No links No HTMLOur no links policy was instituted because posting links means we have to evaluate the fitness and content of all material we link and we would have to be responsible for keeping this information current at all times. While some links/requests for links may be justified, we have barred the posting of all links, email addresses, etc. because a.) We are not going to screen and sort through every link that comes by. b.) We will not play God, to decide who gets privileges and who doesn't [and have to justify our actions every time]. c.) we will not be baited and switched. Everybody gets the same treatment. For your safety and security, there is no advertising of any kind in or around our discussion forums or surveys.

5.1.3 "I want to talk to... Tom, Dick, Harry, Meghan, Kathleen, Becky, Jennifer, John, Keshia, Jerome, or Tyrone" The answer is no. Everyone stays anonymous. We do not disclose who has submitted an address. We do not forward messages, requests or otherwise. We do not post requests to meet in real life. This rule too often applies to that segment of the population who wants to talk to anyone within reach and the other segment who wants to engage in some sexual, fetish, or visual exercise.

5.1.4 This is not a classified/personal ad Requests of this nature go straight in the trash.

5.1.5 posting email address, chat requests, links etc. and or requests for same. We made this rule because we keep getting people who figure they will stop by and use a line similar to "I just found this site and I think it is great!!! By the way, I was just wondering if anyone here /has/wants to/will give me/knows where etc." or the other famous one This site is nice but I see it doesent [sic] have XYZ, where can I find that instead? Trouble is, that most of these folks are usually looking for some fast entertainment or to be spoon fed some pornographic pabulum. (That's nice but you are going to have to find it on your own.)

5.1.6 People, places names and directions to momma an' nem' house
Anything, mainly last names, and specific details are anonomized to prevent breaching rule 5.1

5.1.7 The address box found in the posting form goes absolutely nowhere. It is a placebo. Your address remains private.

5.2 Spam (Spâm) n. 1. Trademark held by Hormel Foods for a potted pork product 2. inf. Comp. Sci. Material that is useless, unwanted, unsolicited, off subject, in poor taste, and or disseminated despite rules to the contrary. Often found in large quantities. Spam-ming v., Spam-mer n.

5.3 Protect yourself not only here but on the rest of the internet While we operate using only quality information exchange products, you are strongly urged to do the same. Everything we can do to protect both ourselves and you can be undone in an instant by carelessness.
1. Don't give out too much information. Names, dates places and events can always be changed in the story you write. Remember, anything you put on the internet is up in the "innernet" for all eternity. There is no getting it back. What's posted is posted.

2. Get off of America Online. There are much simpler and safer bets out there. You can avoid problems with questionable software and voices on your computer screen impersonating God. AOL is not the internet, does not contain the internet, does not own the internet and did not invent the internet or any of its components. They have been caught doing everything from leaking credit card numbers to telemarketing, selling personal info, censorship, and a whole litany of other slop that will keep you up at night. Their software [sic] is completely proprietary and contains potentially dangerous features [sic] such as auto update and the thing that downloads all that artwork. Everything they offer can be found on the internet, independent of and away from AOL. Aside from being prohibitively expensive, their main business is advertising other products and services to their users. Think about it Time Warner could have put them out of business 20 times over with their resources. They took over AOL because it is basically one big commercial. Imagine dialing up, no busy signals, no advertising popping up everywhere, no spam in your email, and you can use whatever software you want the way you want. Start here and find a new life elsewhere.

3. Be careful at work. Your company may be watching. Write down and look at it when no one is looking, at home or after hours on your non work related, web-enabled phone or other mobile device.

4. Know what your kids are doing. If something isn't right take action. Guard against half assed parenting. Kids get into some of everything. This includes demanding accountability from whomever operates the computers your children use that may be just out of your reach, at friends houses, libraries, and schools. Seeing as the "If you have nothing to hide" argument is for miscellaneous fascists, communists and other fruits and mixed nuts, talk to your kids and let them know what time it is.

5. Secure your computer. Choose passwords wisely and don't leave things lying around for everyone to find. Even the best parenting and or preparations can't save you from someone who can walk up to your computer and drive it into a light pole. Be careful.

6. Lawyer droppings
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