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Just thought I'd add a few flicks in my collection featuring blokes shown taking a dump.

If --notorious British film with those no-doored school stalls we've all come to know and love. The lead character is on the toilet, shown full-view, playing the guitar, when the school bullies come in dragging the class geek, who gets his trou pulled down and his head stuck into another bog. When the guy relieving himself is done, he rescues the pants'ed lad. The film is from the late sixties and I believe it's one of the earliest films to show you-know-what.

Death of a Soldier -miniseries based on a true story about a soldier who killed three women. Well, he just got done killing one of em and soiled himself in mud in the process. Another soldier was wise enough not to soil himself, and instead decides to use the john to drop his load. He's busy reading the comics and laughing in the latrine, with the door open (yes, a latrine with a door!) when the other dirty soldier comes in to to chat that he "fell in some mud." One of my favourites.

Guarding Tess --Yes, it's Nicholas Cage at home, reading something or other on the bowl when the phone rings and it's the President! Which always made me wonder just how many people could actually defecate while chatting with Clinton. (I know I couldn't...)

Lethal Weapon 2 --you know the scene...Danny Glover...toilet...bomb...nuff said...

Sleepaway Camp --one of those lovely slasher flicks of the early 80's with an extra gross ending. (Remember Angela?) Anyway, one of the nice hot guys she bumps off gets to go in more ways than one. It's only half shot (above, and below the waist) before she drops a hornet's nest into the stall and kills him. Shame too...he may not have been finished.

Nightmare on Elm Street Part 4--Dream Child --I think it's part 4 anyway. Guy with spikey hair needs to take a big one in the gym locker room. He later nods off and has a dream that all these cheerleaders come in and dance around him taking a shit...he of course picks his trou up.

Denise Calls Up--I believe someone already mentioned this one, coz you-know-who is on the toilet. Well, there was that nerdy guy on the pot too--the one who becomes a dad. What's he doing? Why, he's on the phone...what else?

Pulp Fiction --John Travolta right before the final scene. It's only half view, though.

True Lies-- Arnold and the bad guy are busy blowing up a men's room while an old guy is trying to read the paper. They succeed in trashing the place and even walking in on the old guy who just sits there watching them like he doesn't even know what's going on. Arnold succeeds in killing the guy and walking out, and the old guy probably got the most interesting dump of his life.

Robin Hood-Men In Tights--Old Blind You Know Who is sitting on the toilet right out in the open...since he's completely oblivious that the walls and the castle around him have all been blown up. Robin comes along and tells him to pick himself, and his pants, up.

Maximum Overdrive --Emilio Estevez comes in to take a leak while the big guy character is in the stall. Emilio peeks in but we don't get to see anything below his waist.

Bloodbrothers --one of Richard Gere's earlier vehicles. No, he's not the one. Some over-the-hill-gent was trying to enjoy a good BM at the beginning when Tony Lo Bianco and his mate run into the bathroom throwing water soaked towels into the stalls and opening all the doors (including the one the old man is using.)

Fortress --futuristic flick with Christopher Lambert in 21th century type prison. May be modern, but it's the same ol' crappers. There is one very visible scene with a big lug sitting in front of all his pals holding toilet paper--his trou are pulled very far up. (Suppose even big guys get embarrassed 'bout these things.) An earlier scene where Lambert enters the prison to find his jail shows a few guys on the john as well--though none of it's very easy to see.

some Kiefer Sutherland flick --it's relatively new and he directed it, but I can't recall the name of it. He's in prison and on the loo crying about something. He's not wearing a shirt and so is theoretically naked, except you can't see anything thanks to the lighting.

Lean On Me-- one of the few white blokes in the film happens to be in the WC at the school the wrong time--to hide himself he picks up his legs so as not to be caught by the people in there doing something he wasn't supposed to hear. When they're gone is when we learn he was in there and we do get a nice view of his blue y-fronts too, dropped to his thighs as well.

American Graffiti 2-- very funny scene, unfortunately most TV stations edit it out (or zoom it in) During a cop raid or some type of riot, Cindy Williams and friends run into a restroom at a police station for cover--and walk right in on a copper who also must use the toilet right in front of others. He gets embarrassed, rushes to pick his trousers up and flush, and the others get disgusted and run out. Don't miss this one.

Lost Angels-- film set in mental institutions features one of the Beastie Boys cleaning up the restroom while two lads sit next to each other passing back the TP...Apparently mental institutions aren't allowed privacy either.

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, and Her Lover--quite a lot of bathroom exploratories with ladies being ripped off the toilet by an angry man, but I'm not sure if there were any of guys. There were some of men urinating, most definately.

Heaven Can Wait--film has Matt's younger brother, Kevin Dillon snooping around the boy's bathroom at their religious school, trying to find his pal Caesar (I think) taking a dump...he finds him eventually and opens the door. Caesar took quite a few dumps in that film as I recall.


Full Metal Jacket --lines of bogs with no walls, and not one good scene. The closest we got was Gomer sitting in the latrine at night, with his trou up holding his gun---er, excuse me, his *rifle*--before the inevitable happens...which doesn't preclude nature calling.

there's at least five more I have the clips only of on tape and I don't know the names. More than one came from USA Up All Night. Basically watch a few movies off it, and you can find anything. One was some dopey bimbo airline stewardesses save the world farce where someone walks in on a dude suffering using the closet-sized lavatory. Another one was some usual teen flick where a guy in army gear has to go really bad and farts into the bowl--and right into the face of some German scientist who was at the other end trying some, uh, experiment with methane gas. The gas triggers off some methane explosion and the army geared guy runs out in a hurry. The scientist then retorts "He farted in mein face!" I shit you not. It's a real movie :) Another one features a Russian immigrant family (I think) and the lead boy has to take a dump and brings in a book. He then hears some girl he likes coming to use the bathroom so he unlocks the door so she'll walk right in, and then spreads his legs to reveal his endowment. They then have a nice penile chat. The name's on the tip of my tongue.

Some memorable TV shows with episodes of guys on the toilet:

Johnny Bago-- there were only six episodes, you're never gonna see it again, but if you were there the first time, you liked what you saw I'm sure. The lead character was reading the paper at a rest stop when barged in by a cop looking for someone else. Exciting.

Kojak-- Michael McGuire, who played Sumner Sloan in two important episodes of Cheers, including the first, was using the bathroom right in front of Telly Savalas and some other guy as I recall. Wish I could see this one again.

Cracker--the original UK programme with Robbie Coltrane in the lead role. He is having a movement with the door open in his own place when his helper comes to see if he's alright. He slams the door and goes back to his paper. His trousers are up so far, I can't for the life of me imagine how he's getting it into the bowl.

Monty Python-- there were more than a few skits with you know what. One that comes to mind featured one of the characters taking a dump on a toilet that also doubles as a kitchen chair in a contest for the "Most Disgusting Family" or something to that effect. Very hysterical.

X-Files --the one with roaches. Doctor guy reading the newspaper before the bugs get him.

Saturday Night Live--at least two skits I remember (sort of) One was the infamous Love Toilet--with Kevin Nealon and some other female in the cast kissing as they both relieve themselves. Another one was some guest character who may have been Mel Brooks (been so long since I've seen it) who uses a bathroom at a restaurant only to find that Chris Farley (or someone) is there to assist him! Suffice to say, he was not terribly comfortable about it, but we get to see enough.

Bravo Channel has shown a short independant subject from time to time shot in black and white that shows a religious Christian couple (house covered in crosses)having sex while their neighbour is reading the morning paper on the pan for a long long time. Christ apparently got the couple so sexed out they shake the entire building until the walls around the guy on the toilet crumble. He barely notices, flushes and walks out.

Videos I've taped:

"Been Around The World" --Puff Daddy and the Family (and a million guest stars) Puffy himself as his "son" runs in to give him the phone---apparently he stunk up the bathroom good.

"Just A Girl" -- No Doubt--guy with funky hair in that bathroom Gwen and company have such a good time in. It's only about two seconds long, so you need it on tape if you want it to register at all.

"High and Dry" Radiohead --well I'm not really sure what the man is doing, but his trousers aren't down, so obviously not that. (Unless he has a peek-a-boo-backside-pouch...)

"Gin and Juice" --Snoop Doggy Dog--Snoop has a party and calls up all da posse--one of whom was glad to hear it as he picks up pants and all and races off the bowl.

"Who Will Save Your Soul" --Jewel. Use your imagination...there's a lot to choose from.

Goldfinger--I don't remember the song's name. It was out about a year and a half ago. Guy's taking a dump, but there's no toilet paper--so out he goes with his trou around his ankles looking for some.

and so many more....

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